Beck is an inspiration, for all of us looking to shed some pounds. Beck also struggled with weight loss most of his life and it hit him hardest when he was a teen. When he was in high school he always wanted to participate in some sports but knew he would not be able to keep up physically so he backed out. As he was growing up, he was also growing wide and lost self confidence.


It really clicked for Beck one afternoon when he was bringing grocery’s upstairs to his apartment and making three trips up and down two flights of stairs extremely wore him out. He described as “feeling as if I was going to have a heart attack.” From that moment he knew he had to put effort in to see a change in his body. He started out by learning more about how the body works and started to engage in more physical activity.

His workout styles included HIIT, mixed martial arts and weightlifting. Overtime he gradually dropped 75lbs and gained confidence. His story was so impressive that he was even featured in Mens health magazine. If you want to learn more about Beck find him on Instagram and show him some love for his success.
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