Missy lost over 90lbs from weight watchers and running.

Missy lost over 90lbs from weight watchers and running.

Let Missy be your inspiration. Here is her story on how she lost over 90lbs and used running as her tool to help keep the weight off. She did an amazing job and you can follow her on her blog here.

My story starts in February 2012, while on vacation in Florida, my boyfriend took a picture of me at SeaWorld. When I saw that picture, I quickly realized I somehow let myself go and I needed to figure out a way to get myself back.

Within 24 hours of getting home I joined Weight Watchers to help me keep track of food. And that worked within a year I had lost over 60 pounds.

I needed a new challenge and thought what better than to run a 5K on New Year Day. I trained for that 5K and as the race got closer, I got more excited. It was miserably cold on the day of the race, like -9 degrees Fahrenheit cold, but I still got myself out to run that race. I ran that race, or as much as you can run when you are frozen through and through. However, I knew when I finished that race that my life was forever changed, because I had found a new love.

Running helped me lose another 30 pounds but more importantly it helped me find myself. I have become a stronger more confident person, I believe I had both attributes before running, it just helped to bring them out even more.

Running has helped me push myself outside my comfort zone. I started a blog to put myself out there and help others going through some of the same challenges and struggles I have. I have ran 5 half marathons! I am training for a triathlon! I am an ambassador for a women’s running series, if that doesn’t show how running changed my life I don’t know what does! I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing those things before I picked up running.

I am the person I am today because of running! It has been an amazing journey, and I am looking forward to seeing where running will take me in the future!

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