Doug Wilson working outAs a college athlete, Doug never thought he would have to worry about his weight. He use to be 5’8″ and only weight 135lbs, that is the kind of body track runners have. As he got older, gained weight, started having back pains and was diagnosed with sciatica.

Doug decided he needed to do something to get the extra pounds off so since he could not work out like he did when he was young he started to make adjustments to his diet. He knew he had to overcome some of his bad habits. Food he found comfort in such as pizza, and cookies he decided to cut it out as of March 2013.

Slowly he took his diet to the next level by measuring everything out which he did eat, so that he would have perfect portions. After making a few modifications to his diet he started seeing changes. Actually huge improvements, he lost 40lbs in the first six months and then decided he would start running again.

He started off slow with running, but trained himself by using great resources such as former Olympian Jeff Galloway’s “Run Walk Run” guide. This is what helped Doug stay on track and set milestones toward achieving his running goals.

The lesson Doug has learned in the end that being successful at keeping weight off is everything is about balance. If you want to have pizza or pasta have it, but don’t make a habit of it. If you are going to indulge also make sure you are making time for exercise. In Doug’s own words…“There are ways to find a happy middle ground, where you can eat a lot of what you want and still maintain weight if you are exercising a lot.”

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