As a mother of four, Safari aka Fit Momma decided she wanted to slim down and become more active. She was 34 years old, weighing in at 246lbs and feeling miserable everyday. She knew she had to make a lifestyle change to improve her healthiness and her happiness.

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She wanted to start out her journey by going to the gym, but realized with small children it was not an option so she decided to purchase a treadmill instead. With determination in her heart she started small by walking and watching some TV as she went. As time progressed her intensity levels in her workouts started to increase, and so did her weight loss.

In the first 3 months she was able to knock off 20 pounds, seeing the changes in her body is what kept herself motivated. Safari not only had weight loss goals in mind, she had fitness goals in mind. First she accomplished a 5k and the addiction kicked in. Fit Momma wanted to challenge herself to do more, and push harder. Today she has already accomplished several marathons, and triathlons.

Setting yourself up with both weightloss goals and fitness goals are important. Think about the success Safari had, and set goals for yourself that are realistic and obtainable.

She lost weight

She lost weight

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