Christa Mills is currently a personal trainer at Fitness Now in North Richland Hills, Texas. Not only is she a personal trainer but she is a bikini and body figure competitor. Check out those serious before and after photos that shows off her sexy physique.

Christa was not born with a body like like she had to work for it. She is a 38 year old mother of two girls. When she had her first child she was up to 265lbs and felt like she had to do something to change her life. It took her 3 years to lose her first 65lbs and then she gained it back during the pregnancy of her second child. So, for you women who are struggling with your ups and downs should look to her for motivation. 

bikini body

bikini body

After the birth of her second child, she decided to give group fitness a shot and she fell in love with it. Within two years she dropped down to 190lbs and started teaching a group fitness class. However, she still found it difficult to change her eating habits and was noticing that even with all the fitness she was doing she was stuck at a plateau. So, in early 2014 she decided she wanted to become a personal trainer and felt like if she could not follow her own healthy eating habit advice, how were her clients going to.

She was able to eliminate sugar completely from her diet. Within 3 months she lost 30lbs and worked her way all the down to a lean and mean 146lb bombshell body. She is constantly training and educating others on the importance of diet and exercise as a method of living a healthy lifestyle for life.

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