Meet Amanda! She is an inspiring mother of three who lost over 130 pounds.

Look at her amazing before and after photos! She does not even look like the same person. Amanda did not have the typical childhood obesity problem that many overweight adults have struggled with. However, she also did not grow up eating healthy foods or learning healthy habits. One of her biggest struggles was drinking soda and eating snacks. Later, she got married at the early age of 20 and gave birth to a boy. Unfortunately, things did not work out in that marriage and stressed kicked in leading to more weight gain.

Amanda's amazing 130lb weightloss

Amanda’s amazing 130lb weightloss

A few years later, Amanda got married again and had two more boys. Over the course of ten years she really kept adding on weight without monitoring it, or trying to get it under control. Her husband who was also a heavyset man and a diabetic was told by his doctor he should seriously consider a weight loss surgery. Amanda thought surgery was completely unnecessary for him, and urged him to change a few bad habits to help better his health.

She then realized at that moment that he was not the only one struggling with obesity, she was too. So, she decided to take action and she dedicated her life to becoming more healthy and fit. She started by making small changes such as drinking more water, and actually looking at the nutritional information of packaged goods so that she could monitor her calorie intake. Diet and exercise is the real story behind Amanda’s success. She has successfully lost weight and has been able to keep it off the past few years. Amanda certainly deserves a round of applause!


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