Mary of FitThisGirlMary of FitThisGirl After PhotoLike so many healthy lifestyle bloggers out there, I have had a wellness
journey to follow and it hasn’t always been easy. Not always. It was not
easy. So many people talk about how they got their weight off, how they
blasted the fat and how they got fit. But how did we GET this way to begin

There isn’t just one way that we end up gaining weight, there isn’t just
one event that pushes us over the edge. I was under a lot of stress in my
personal life and job and I used food for comfort. The problem was, pretty
soon, I was the most uncomfortable I had ever been. I was at my highest
weight and still unhappy.

A quote that I love states: “If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not
the solution.” ~Unknown. But we often act as if hunger is the problem,
taking in excess food to bury feelings and hurts. It creates more excess
and doesn’t heal the hurt or solve the problem.

For me, I came to my tipping point where I put on 10 pounds in less than
one year and was up to my heaviest weight!! I was eating out of emotion,
over drinking, never working out and living from crisis to crisis.

One afternoon at my business I actually had a customer ask me if I was
pregnant. When I said no, she asked if I was sure. THAT was my last
straw. Did I want things to change? Desperately! Did I know how to change
them? I was about to find out…

I wanted to change SO MUCH and it took me a while to really decided
how I was going to. I would have to change how I lived and at that point,
I only vaugly understood what that meant. I knew I needed to lose weight
& I was unhealthy, but I think that if I had know the FULL extent of what
I was going to have to go through for health, I would have been more discouraged to start!
Thank God I did, I had people like my Mom to tell me the truth: I weighed too much and I HAD to change.

I started working out, I bought a stair stepper, started running and cutting the junk out of my diet: cookies, sweets, junk food, fast food, bar food.
I switched to chicken, fish, and veggies only for dinners and tried to eat healthy, that is as best as I understood it.
Up until that point, I didn’t own a scale!! So, I bought a crappy scale and started to see what the stair stepper and the salmon diet would do.

I felt I was well on my way, I lost 14 pounds and decided to join up with weight watchers to take the last 20 off! Weight Watchers has you do a lot
of personal work and create tools to help you succeed on your weight loss journey: they have you describe your accomplishments, write down truths
about your journey, come up with situations you may face and solutions for them. They teach you how to visualize and change your thinking about
your abilities and how you use food. It was exactly the lifestyle change from the inside out that I needed!

Fast forward to today: I have kept my 35 lbs off for nearly 7 years, I am a personal trainer, boot camp and kettle bell instructor. It wasn’t easy, but it
was worth every second, and every dollar, every tear spent. The biggest obstacle that I faced was being consistent, being diligent and challenging myself.

The feeling that I was consistent in my accomplishments was almost better
than seeing those numbers come down. It was about what I could do,
my strength, my level of fitness and the dedication that for me was the
biggest part of my lifestyle change. It was not about the skinny jeans or the
dress size, it was about my life and my health and whether or not doing
something hard was worth it…in the end whether or not I was worth it.

Thanks for letting me share part of my story and stop by and visit me at! Work hard, laugh loud and be well!


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