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Keith proves that watching your weight is not only for women! He worked off an outstanding 184+ pounds! When he started his journey he was weighing in at 387lbs.

He spent nearly two years working off the weight, but it was well worth it in the end.

He provided me with his ‘weight-loss’ regimen where he would have a max of 1600 calories per day 6 days a week, and on Sunday’s he allowed himself to ‘let-loose’ and have foods that were his “old – friends” however, he would still keep his portions in control on these days.

Keith was also dedicated to maximizing moving more and would visit the gym in the morning to do some weights and after work he would also attend at night to do some cardio.

How did he get inspired?

With his 30’s rapidly approaching he felt that living with himself being overweight for another decade was “absolutely unbearable.” So he made a decision overnight to start taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Keith says “Come hell or high water, I was no longer going to miss out on the great things in life, and that success was the one and only option. This attitude got me off the ground, and as I progressed, other factors, such as a desire for a career change, added fuel to the fire to keep me going.”

Words of Wizdom from Keith
Any and all programs that are successful in weight loss come down to expending more calories than are taken in. But without a doubt, for me, the biggest 2 keys are desire and consistency. You must have take on the mental approach that this goal will be achieved, no matter what. While setbacks WILL pop op, and failures of discipline will get the best of you, one has to resolve to get right back on the horse the next day. Too many times my previous attempts would go completely off track because I would let one bad day get to me. Bad days became bad weeks, and eventually, I was back to square one, if not further back. But I kept swinging, knowing that if I kept trucking 9 days out of 10, 20 days out of 22, 30 days out of 35, and so on, my goal would be reached.

And as I monitored my success, noting what worked and what didn’t, the
final piece of the puzzle fell into place: this has to become you. It
has to be part of your life now, forever. It’s not a phase, its not a
period you have to get through, it’s what you are.

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